Bäckerei KULT

Freshly baked and served on the spot!

We have tried this bakery with my daughter. It is a very small place in Klein Basel, Switzerland. It is almost hidden and you may miss it if you do not pay attention.

They offer freshly baked pastries, bread rolls and sandwiches. You can see the bakery area as you eat your breakfast. That is a great feeling! Smell of freshly baked bread!

Inside the cafe there are 3 tables and outside has 2 tables. They can accommodate only 15 people at once.

I have heard bakers and the owner speaking in French but the cashier spoke in Swiss German.

They offer 3 breakfast menus:

  • Halb: Hot drink, Gipfeli or a choice of bread roll. marmalade, butter: 8 CHF
  • Ganz: Hot drink, Gipfeli and choice of bread roll, marmalade, butter, cheese or cold cut meat: 13 CHF
  • Gross: Hot drink, Gipfeli and choice of bread roll, Brioche, marmalade, butter, cheese and cold cut meat: 19 CHF

I have had the ”Ganz” and I ordered one extra Gipfeli for my daughter. It was quite filling for both of us and we ended up paying 15 CHF for the breakfast.

Another good thing about this bakery is their opening hours. As we are an early bird family this place climbed up in my chart!

  • Tuesday to Friday: 06:30 – 18:30
  • Saturday: 08:00 – 16:00
  • Sunday: 09:00 – 14:00

Address: Riehentorstrasse 18 4058 Basel

Website: http://baeckereikult.ch/


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