La Fourchette

An atmosphere of a living room…each time I go to La Fourchette I feel like I am eating at my grandma’s living room. Old furniture, old plates and old silverware…and delicious, fresh food that is satisfying for the eye and the stomach!

La Fourchette is one of the new hip places that opened up in Klybeckstr following other cafes like Frühling and Smuk. Their long opening hours (when they are open!) and friendly staff makes this place unique in Basel. Apart from offering breakfast they also serve lunch & dinner. However for this post we will only be focusing on their breakfast.

In the past La Fourchette was offering a small breakfast menu and you could either  choose from a ‘’sweet’’ or ‘’salty’’ plate along with small choices like gipfeli, cakes, açma and muesli. We have recently revisited the place and now they offer  4 different breakfast menu:

  • EnglishBreakfast: one hot drink, orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, croissant
  • MunterFruhstuck: one hot drink, orange juice, muesli, browni or poppy seed cake
  • AufDemLandsFruhstuck: one hot drink, orange juice, 3mins egg, salty plate (cheese and cold cuts), bread and butter
  • GrussAusParisFruchstuck: one hot drink, orange juice, marmalade, honey, chocolate paste, bread, croissant and butter

They also offer eggs, hummus, aubergine, açma, zigarre, köfte, soup, small salad and croque monsieur & madame on the side.

We have ordered one MunterFruhstuck and one AufDemLandsFruhstuck and 2 eggs on the side shared them among us (3 of us).

Our highlights from the breakfast were the bread and the muesli. Muesli had a layer of natural yogurt and another layer of banana purée topped with crunchy muesli (Knusperli). Bread was well baked, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. All of the ingredients were fresh, tasty and good quality.

However we missed old breakfast menu of La Fourchette. We think this new menu is complicated, hard to chose from and a bit expensive. We payed 49 CHF for this breakfast.

If you visit La Fourchette we would recommend you try their variety of cakes and Açma (well being from Turkey we can confidently say that what they are selling is not Açma but Börek…but we will not argue this point with them 🙂 )

Having items like Köfte, Hummus and Açma along with Croissant, Croque monsieur and Muesli gives La Fourchette and interesting Swiss-French-Turkish (to be politically correct Anatolian) flavor.

Along with Swiss German, owners of the La Fourchette and the chef speak French, some waiters speak English and Italian. They do not take any reservations for breakfast however if you go early (before 10:30) you will for sure get a table. Bon apetit!

Opening hours are:

Monday, Thursday, Friday:  09:00 – 23.00

Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed

Friday 09:00 – 23:00

Saturday 09:00 – 23:00 (kitchen is open until 14:00)

Sunday 09:00 – 15:00 (kitchen is open until 14:0

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