Couple of months ago we have visited Boston, MA. This place has a unique importance to our family because it is the place where we have met. We’ve revisited the city to meet with our friends, to show our daughter our universities, old apartments, restaurants and places we have enjoyed to go and rediscover the city her.

We thought because of jet lag our sleeping schedules were going to be effected and we were not sure if our daughter would wake up in the middle of the night or at noon. Surprisingly she has adjusted to the time change almost instantly and exercised her daily routine of waking up between 6:30 and 7:00!!!

Well, what can you do! It is what it is 🙂 As we are up early in the morning we have decided to explore some breakfast places in and around Boston. With a short online research and recommendations from our friends (thank you Sedef, Ozlem and Feyza!) we have landed on ”Sofra”.

Sofra in Turkish means a table where people gather to eat. Influenced by the sweet and savory tastes of Turkey, Lebanon and Greece Sofra serves delicious food with a contemporary twist.

Their menu includes Mezes, Salad, Soup, Stuffed flat breads, pies and cookies, home made iced drinks, hot teas and all kinds of coffee including Turkish coffee.

Since we are early birds we have only tried their breakfast and we loved it! We have ordered several items to share.

Turkish-style breakfast: soft-boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, olives, feta, yogurt & spoon sweets

Egg sandwich: haloumi (hellim) cheese , feta butter, bacon

Chocolate almond shortbread: my daughter loved this cookie. Passed the child test.

I also tried Herbal iced tea, it was the best iced tea I have ever had!

Sofra’s breakfast was incredibly nice, a very good combination of Turkish tastes with modern ingredients. All of the items mentioned above received five stars from us.

Sofra gets very busy over the weekends and it is difficult to find a table. If you are lucky to find a table you will be surprised to see how small the tables are. Their nicely presented plates and sophisticated cuisine does not match with their store organization. How you order, pick up and eat the food is very ”fast food style”: crammed and borderline dirty tables, plastic cutlery and plastic cups for drinks.

I should also mention that it is a bit pricey. Portions are rather small (small in European standards) and what you pay is high compared to other breakfast places.

Our overall experience was still good. If you are in Boston, stop by at Sofra on a weekday (as weekends are very busy) and enjoy the unique tastes of my home country.


Opening hours : 

Monday 8:00–17:30
Tues-Fri  8:00–19:00
Sat-Sun  8:00 –18:00

Address: 1 Belmont Street. Cambridge, MA

Phone: +1 617-661-3161

Note: Sofra also offers cooking classes and catering

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