The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery

Here comes the second place we have tried and loved in Boston…OK…vicinity of Boston: Somerville.

This is a hidden gem! During the weekend it is normal to see long lines in front of it and people wait patiently to have their breakfast. Once you step in and have the first bite you will understand why!

Our friend Matthew Gamber (friend, classmate of my husband and a great photographer) has introduced us to this place and he definitely deserves a big APPLAUSE ­čÖé

This is a family owned restaurant and they are in business since 1983. Borges family moved to USA from Portugal and they have a introduced a great mix of flavors from both countries in to their menu.  The family recipes still live on at the Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery. Everything is home made: home made jelly , syrups (On the table they have regular maple syrup. If you want the good stuff ask for it!), sweetbreads, wines, soups, cream of wheat and sauces.

Here is how the owner describes the family tradition:

My brother Mario Borges started it but passed away 7 years ago and I promised that I would do my best to keep the restaurant going. My dad is still here at 87, my nephew, my niece, my waiters have been here since they were 16 now there 28! My breakfast cook has been here for over 10 years now.

What to have? Their menu is endless! They have around 30 different breakfast options plus around 10 side orders. Watching our diet we could not try all 30 breakfast items but whatever we had tasted great! I mean absolutely great!

My favorite items are Cream of Wheat and Corn Bread. When you order a breakfast they give you two options to choose from ”Cream of Wheat” or ”Fruit Salad”. ┬áSkip the Fruit Salad and go for Cream of Wheat. You will thank me later. Trust me!

My mother being from Black Sea region (famous for its corn bread) I have a special attention when I see corn bread on the menu. Their corn bread is also to die for. Delicious, well balanced and soft.

If you are in Boston, make a detour and go to Somerville , check this restaurant out. As you are there make sure Davis square is your next stop. Discover this live neighborhood. That would give you a nice alternative to regular tourist destinations.

Address: 25 Bow St. Somerville MA


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