Located in a remote area of Basel, between abandoned train tracks and recently created studios made of containers, neighboring Germany with a view of France & Novartis campus, Landestelle offers a very satisfying brunch. Well…if you have the time and if you can wait your food to arrive almost 1,5 hours!

Let me take you from the beginning, we made reservation for 11:00, we arrived a bit late (it took us some time to find the directions), we were at our table at 11:07. Our waiter came to take our order at 11:33 and our food (fully) arrived at 12:35. Our drinks arrived around 11:45, by the time we had the food on the table, our drinks were already cold, close to be finished.

Our dissatisfaction has shifted towards having a good experience when the food arrived. Landestelle surprised us with their great brunch offer.

Brunch is prepared for two persons and it comes with: Bread rolls, gipfeli (Swiss style croissant) , butter, jam, omlette, veggie omlette, salad, muesli, fruits, cheese, quiche, olive paste, harisa, vegetable spread, beans, ham (jamon), chorizo, fried broccoli and cauliflower, 2 glasses of orange juice. Hot drinks are not included in the price, can be ordered as extras. I would like to reemphasize that food was great, more than enough for 3 of us and every item on the menu tasted delicious.

Landestelle attracts a young local clientele. They have longer opening times during summer period and they offer lunch, dinner and snacks. They have a nice bar and they organize concerts at their venue.

Landestelle has a very simple look, with wooden tables and simple decoration. They also have private areas covered like small huts.

We have spent a good Sunday morning at this place, filled our stomach with wonderful food…I hope the waiting time was just a ”bad luck” and that would not be a consistent experience.

Address: Uferstrasse 35 Klybeckquai CH – 4057 Basel


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