One of the oldest bakeries of Basel has been torn down and built up from scratch to create the unique space of Avant-Gouz. Owner and the chef Pierre brings a French taste with an international twist to Basel’s culinary scene.  Almost all of the food he serves is ”house-made”.

Our journey to Avant-Gouz has started by making a reservation to their Sunday Brunch. However when we get there we understood that a reservation was not necessary and the place was quite empty. I believe this place has been recently opened and not known yet. If you plan to go there don’t take the chance and make a reservation. We have been offered/reserved a table at the far end of the cafe squeezed between a wall and a great looking old coffee machine. Couple of minutes later I asked to move to a better seat which had more space and facing outside. Our waiter accepted this request with an unpleasant look on her face. We never understood why we were seated there, and why she did not like us changing tables even if the place was empty…

We have ordered their Sunday Brunch. The plate we have received was quite satisfying and big. It includes a pancake, fried egg, fried bacon, salad, muesli, bred rolls, croissant, butter, jam and salad. We ordered a ”pain au chocolat” and bought some muffins to go. I should admit these bakery items were not as good as their brunch selection.

The old coffee machine that is displayed in the cafe is still in use and the owner did our cafe lattes using this fantastic machine. It was quite an experience to drink coffee made by this old machine.

I have noticed the owner and the waiter speaking in French and I tried to engage in a conversation with both of them however my attempt was not well received. I did not find the owner nor the waiter friendly even if I spoke in their own language.

If you are looking for something different, sick of usual breakfast / brunch places in Basel give Avant-Gouz a chance. It has been a while since we have visited this little cafe in Klein-Basel and I hope they have improved!


Hammerstrasse 141 4057 Basel

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 06pm
Friday    10am – 12pm
Saturday    10am – 12pm
Sunday    10am – 08pm

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