I was in Munich for a business trip and we did a long weekend stay over as a family. Munich is known for its beer and October fest. Yes, we did drink a lot of beer (great beer) but we still pursued our quest for ”good breakfast”.

Our research has landed us on Cotidiano at Gartnerplatz. (The other location is on Hohenzollernstraße 11)  Cotidiano reminded me of ”Le Pain Quotidien’‘. Decoration, ambiance and the menu options are a bit similar. However I should say it is as good as ”Le Pain Quotidien”.  Cotidiano is a decent bakery / coffee place but it does not offer something above my expactations. In other words it falls under a ”good breakfast place” category for me but does not offer something stunning.

It has a lot breakfast options to choose from (11 to be exact, including one Vegan choice). They also have a large selection of bakery items likes croissant, bread, cream filled puffs and so on. Full menu can be seen from here.

The place is open every day including Sunday and holidays and tends to get very crowded.

Restaurant Cotidiano
Gärtnerplatz 6 · 80469 München
F: +49 (0) 89 2420786-10

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