About Gipfeli Blog

We are a family of 3 and we live in Basel. Our daughter is 3,5 years old and she is an early bird. Weekends or weekdays no matter what she wakes up at 6:30! This is a killer for us! As time went by we have started to look for things to do early in the morning. Having breakfast outside was one of the obvious choices for us! Both myself and my husband love ”breakfasting” and we love coffee. That was the perfect combination for us! We started to try different breakfast places in and around Basel as well as in other cities as we traveled.

One day as I was having breakfast with my daughter and I took photos to share with my husband (who was not with us, on a trip). Suddenly this blog idea came up. That night I have started this blog.  My husband is a professional photographer and  I convinced him to co-own this blog with me. So, here we are!

We hope you enjoy reading it. We will add other places that we have tried over the last 3,5 years… slowly… Be patient and enjoy!

PS: If you have places to share with us we would be happy to hear from you!